Welcome to the ONFF-program website. Our goal is to stimulate activation of existing ONFF references and expand the program with new references.

The ONFF team consist of  two members.ONFF logo

  • Luk ON4BB, the ONFF coordinator, will take care of checking, approving and uploading your logs. All logs and  mail can be send to  the ONFF coordinator
  • Gino, ON2SSB who is the ONFF award Manager
  • We are looking to expand the team. If you want to join us, please mail to the ONFF Coordinator.
  • ONFF references:

Each ONFF reference consists of the prefix ONFF followed by three numbers ( to date: 001 to 244)    More references to follow. The approved and dedicated numbers can be found in the WWFF reference list. This WWFF list can be downloaded here. WWFF directory

cool 21-03-2013 How to locate all the ONFF references. Therefore all ONFF references are compiled in one Google Earth KMZ file. This file is available on the download section.

laughing15-04-2013 Restricted ONFF list with status report & operators is available in the download section.

money-mouth 28-08-2014 We moved the ONFF Ref History to a new page called ONFF Ref History.

  • Hunters

Anyone can hunt for ONFF references. Your hunters status depends on the amount of logs uploaded in the WWFF database.The displayed score will be used all over the WWFF program to request and submit awards. Each related WWFF country participating in the WWFF program has his own awards. Go to the specific country to participate and request your wanted award. Go to the WWFF logsearch engine to see your score.

  • Operation from ONFF reference:

Any licensed radio amateur can participate in activating an ONFF reference.

He/she should follow the next operational conditions:

    • His/her operational station should be in the boundaries of the ONFF reference.
    • He/she should be on the air for at least one hour (60 minutes - starting from first logged QSO) to count for the yearly activators ranking
    • He/ she should prove to have made at least 20 QSO's, any band , any mode to count for the yearly activators ranking
    • His/her log ( in ADIF format) should be send to the ONFF coordinator
    • He/she should prove the activation with at least two relevant photographs or one photograph with GPS position
    • His/her station should be aired as /p or /m to count for the yearly activators ranking
    • Read WWFF rules to get a valid log in the WWFF logsearch. Go to WWFF Web Click here
  • Frequencies
  • Most of the operations are situated around the frequencies below. These frequencies can not be claimed as being unique WWFF frequencies.
  • It helps to use the frequencies that are known as the Flora and Fauna frequencies
  • Phone: 3.744, 7.144, 14.244, 18.144, 21.244, 24.944, 28.444
  • CW:  3.544, 7.024, 10.124, 14.044, 18.084, 21.044, 24.894, 28.044
  •  ONFF Awards

ONFF has five ( Bronze-Silver-Gold & Honor Roll &Top Honour Roll) different awards available. A special activator award is available for all ONFF reference activators. Anyone can apply for these awards. These awards will be send on request for free. Go to Awards to retrieve more details.

Let's save our planet

  • World Wide Fauna & Flora

ONFF is member of the World Wide Fauna & Flora program.

The WWFF website can be found on http://www.wwff.co

 A lot more can be found here.

      • All about  WWFF
      • Who are the WWFF members
      • What is available for download
      • The WWFF rules
      • The WWFF nature parks
      • WWFF awards
      • WWFF honor roll
  • WWFF Logsearch& Forum
  • WWFF logsearch

Log search is the base of all awards credits. All national approved logs are uploaded to a central  WWFF log search database. This database contains thousands of logs uploaded from different WWFF country member activators (when all logs are uploaded). It is the responsibility of the activator to send the log for approval to the ONFF coordinator. The ONFF coordinator will, after approval, complete the upload.

When entering your call into the search window, your individual WWFF member score will be displayed. The score is displayed based on the different WWFF member award programs.

Top honor levels per continent are displayed. You can chose between Hunter and Activator to display your score.

Logsearch is availlable.

  • WWFF Forum

Please join the WWFF forum. The forum lets you participate, posting ONFF related activities and supply a lot of information about announced operation, shows you the location of WWFF references on a map, the latest WWFF news, etc.


  •  Operation from other WWFF countries.

Please before activating a WWFF reference outside ONFF-land, visit the WWFF website of the country you will be visiting and read their specific operational requirements.

After your operation, your log with operational conditions, should be send to the WWFF coordinator of the visited country. His contact info can be found on the WWFF website. If your operational country is not found on the WWFF website , forward your information (log in Adif, photographs, GPS information, etc.) to the ONFF coordinator, who will forward your information for approval to the international WWFF checkpoint)

If you have any questions the ONFF coordinator is willing to help.